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Known as the Redlands Partners, the Center for Learning and Leadership (The Center), the Oklahoma Developmental Disabilities Council (ODDC) and the Oklahoma Disability Law Center, Inc. (ODLC) are considered sibling agencies because they are related under one law.

Each agency functions under specific authority granted through the DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES ASSISTANCE AND BILL OF RIGHTS ACT. Known as the DD Act, this law defines the core responsibilities of these three organizations. Each is required to develop and conduct its work in such a way that the opportunities for INDEPENDENCE, PRODUCTIVITY and INCLUSION of people with developmental disabilities will be favorably affected. The programs must work to address the interests and concerns of constituents, pay attention to what changes for people at each stage of life--from birth through old age, and be conscious of how culture plays a role in people's opportunities, interests and experiences in the community.

The Center, ODDC and ODLC each receive financial support and a core mandate from the United States Administration on Developmental Disabilities, Washington, D.C. 



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